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We The Undersigned have a human and sovereign right to Cannabis

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Drugs and the Law

18 years ago a report was published by

Viscountess Runciman DBE

Nowadays the situation hasn't improved but degenerated

Historic Speeches by Moi

Poetry for want of a better word


Cannabis is schedule one

But if you know, you know that's dumb

Medicinal properties it has none

Well that's if it's really schedule one

Everyone knows that this law sucks

But the government here could give two fucks

They'll make it legal, when they make money

But for those who are ill, this just ain't funny

So we'll descend en masse, to parliament square

And try to make the government care

Give us our meds is all we ask

Is that such a terribly difficult task

But if they don't give us what we need

The rights to our meds and to grow our seed

When it's time to vote, remember this

You'll be at the bottom of our list

One Love

I went to the Hostipal

They picked me up and dropped me there

And then they left to go elsewhere

I couldn't see, it was a scare

But I was in the best of care

They do their best with what they've got

But with the all the cuts it's not a lot

They're selling it from under our feet

Soon doctors will operate in the street

Does anyone believe they give two fucks

Apart from if it makes Them bucks

I need to stress we're in a mess

I'm hungry but I can't digress

Too shit to woo

Let me give a clue

Is it too brunt

To say tory cunt

You can't keep a good dog down

And you can't keep a bad dog up

And you think about a purple sort of brown

The sort of thing to get you in the mood

And you realize you can't keep an up dog good

If you wanna know, who the up dogs really are

They're driving around in the big fat fancy car

They may not be the ones you thought would be those fucking dogs

But trust me mate, when I tell you, their the ones what turns the cogs

They've been around such an incredibly long long time

Familiarity makes you feel they're fine

But they aren't the good dogs, believe me mate it's true

They're out for themselves at the cost of me and you

The time is ripe, to kick them out

Easy to say, easy to Shout

Remove them we must, for they aren't fussed,

If poor people go bust, so they start to distrust making their world

soon turn to rust and eventually of course to dust.

And then it's too late, they've bolted the gate

So that is your fate...mate


Weird world

The sky went weird the people feared but the wind blew hard and then it cleared

The sky turned blue and clear and true in the aftermath there was much to do

But that leaves nothing for the papers to say it’s just a very ordinary day

It is hard to see beyond the disguise that they hide behind to make us despise

The bombs are dropped and a country cries

So they don’t tell the truth it’s always a lie but because of their actions the children still die

An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth more lies the wars are for oil and that’s the truth

It’s what they do it’s up to you, to believe what they say or see right through

Then put them to shame for them it’s a game to make the world appear insane

So remember this and never forget for the good in us all is not gone yet

While walking through a world of treacle, you’ll meet a lot of sticky people

I joined a group on Facebook I didn't quite know why

Maybe out of interest but probably cos I was high

A state I like to be in cos it takes away my pain

And when the hurt takes over I just gets high again

Cannabis is illegal a fact I can't deny

But it has no medicinal value is a dirty filthy lie

You might think I'm a stoner and I'll admit it's true

But believe me from the bottom of my heart I wouldn't wish my pain on you

I went to write a poem or maybe two or three

But my biggest little problem is, I cannot fucking see

That’s not entirely honest as I will soon explain

I have a couple of issues not least of all chemobrain

I tried to use the voice control, it nearly made me puke

While reading back my poem it was clearly Gobbledegook

With passing time I simply find that nonsense makes my cogs unwind

Some people try to suss me out some others give up hope

Some say I’m a foul mouthed twat and should wash my mouth with soap

But whatever I write it’s what I wrote so here’s my Life Mantra as a quote

Some say it makes no sense but here it is for recompense

Don’t Pass Audit Prg Auber Liebe René’s Caine Master Master

The Beach

I try to be engulfed in honesty

So don’t lie to me for it’s a travesty

That someone like me, lives near the sea

But hates the bloody beach

And it’s true when I say, that every single day

In my home I stay, to keep myself away

Nothing could sway me to go and lay

On that awful bloody beach

I couldn’t be compared to people who are haired

And it’s not because I’m scared or visually impaired

But my nostrils really flared the last time that I stared

At that awful bloody beach

Of this I can assure and don’t think I’m a bore

I think it’s quite impure and for me there’s no allure

I’d like to tell you more but really I’m not sure

Why I hate the bloody beach

Goodnights to Human Rights

Animals it seems feel no pain unless they live in France or Spain

Or anywhere else that isn’t insane but in Britain the animals feel no pain

If you think that’s a joke there’s worse to come your rights eroded by political scum

Ignore what is said behind their sales pitches and they’ll do what they like without any hitches

Their salesman tells you when it’s gone it’s gone and there go your rights one by one

Hark at the sounds of insidious laughter a feudal system is what they’re after

They really don’t listen to me or you they were voted in and they’ll do what they do

Back to the animals who they say feel no pain

They consider us animals we’re one and the same

There’s darkness inside

I’d like to inform you I’m not really nice and if you could see it I know you’d think twice

I try to be cheerful I try to be glad but there’s darkness inside that makes me quite mad

The facts are plain and I don’t try to hide if you look past the smile there’s darkness inside

You can’t really tell what’s lurking deep down always a smile the man about town

But catch me off guard and look really hard gaze at my core all bitter and chard

The facts are plain and I don’t try to hide if you look past the smile there’s darkness inside

I seem to be happy and always to smile but look inside and you’d run a mile

I’m not talking hurt I’m not talking pain I’m talking of darkness buried deep in my brain

The facts are plain and I don’t try to hide if you look past the smile there’s darkness inside

You’d not send me messages or texts on the phone you’d keep well away and leave me alone

If you look past the smile you will see what I mean there’s darkness inside its plain to be seen

The facts are plain and I don’t try to hide if you look past the smile there’s darkness inside

Going, going, gone.

When he wrote in his book he wanted you to look

He wanted you to stare at what he wrote there he wanted to share to see that you care

He laid himself bare too late to repair he laid himself bare but you still didn’t care

Now he wants you to feel as he winds in the reel that this isn’t a dream it’s really quite real

He once spouted love like a babbling brook now he wants you to look as you’re stuck on his hook

So now you’re in pain and it’s not quite the same your eyes fill with tears this isn’t a game

It was him you framed it was him you blamed with your spiteful words it was him that you shamed

You can scream out in fear but there’s no-one to hear as he gives you a smile without any cheer

You know it’s too late as he fastens the gate when you look in his eyes and only see hate

He has seen through your lies no farewells no goodbyes just a halo of flies

It’s the night of your death so take your last breath

When they heard of a plant that grew like a weed, with the most nutritious edible seed,

Its medicinal properties were second to none, with thousands of uses and then still some.

If they used it for bricks it’s a carbon sink that could clean up the air but still they didn’t think,

Could be spun into fabric for clothes and more, well at least that’s how it was before.

They’ve made it illegal to own or consume and don’t plant that seed it’s illegal to bloom

So now they just follow an ancient lie, it’s a dangerous drug so they’ll pass it by,

Medicinal value it has none, so they’re going to leave it in schedule one.

A lie it was then not an inkling of truth that they hold onto now despite all the proof.

The world is much wiser than it was way back when and soon we’ll have medicine growing again,

Out in the open where it ought to be not hidden in closets but proud and free,

And on that day I’ll stand and smile we’ll have won the fight and it’s been quite a while.

Fear the Purple

The sky was blue

You were safe you knew

Then the sky turned black

Must be ready for attack

So you step into the green

Where you think you can't be seen

But, what's that, up ahead?

A torchlight? But in red

You wish the sky was still blue

When you were safe and this you knew

Now worried you dread to think

As the torchlight turns to pink

What the fuck will you do?

If the light instead of blue


Because nothing rhymes with purple

Slightly more disturbing though nothing rhymes with Orange or Silver

But definitely Fear the Purple

Questions and Insanity?

Are you disabled? It’s hard to say

Are you in pain, just everyday

Will it get better, I think it will not

Anything help? Illegal Pot

Why is it illegal if it helps with your pain?

You could ask my government, but I think they’re insane

We’ve asked them before and we’ll ask them again

But hark what I said I think they’re insane

Cannabis, Pot, Illegal Weed

Illegal because of corporate greed

Just trust when I say it helps with my pain

Or believe their lies then you’re also insane

Honest thoughts about

the legalisation of cannabis


The Lizard Overlords

Don’t bother to ask us to legalise weed

Or allow you to grow your cannabis seed

If we gave you a plant with complete autonomy

Imagine the effect on our lizard economy

We own all the prisons and judges and cops

So if we allowed you to grow your own crops

How would we still make mountains of cash?

Don’t say from the sale of weed and hash

We make mountains now with little to do

So why would we change? And who are you?

You can’t tell the media, we own all that too

Can’t think of much we don’t own, can you?

We’ll tell everyone your hats made of tin

Watch if we don’t...

Mirthless grin

A little nonsense goes a long way

In a rickshaw sat a bear eating peach tree root

Watched by a man in a hobnail suit

He’d eaten it before and really knew the score

Don’t be fooled by the man, he’ll watch you if he can

For its fact you see that he’s got the key

He’s got the key but he stole it from me

But don’t despair, it’s ok really, I don’t care

I’ll make it anew then give it to you

It’s a fact that I can because unlike the man

Forever entombed in his hobnail suit

I’m an entirely different fruit

Stop, get the fuck out of your car,

take off your shoes and walk on the land

The hard times are coming it’s hard to deny

Look at the climate look at the sky

Eventually they’ll cut down most of the trees

And the ones that are left will be full of disease

Thousands of species go extinct every year

But the average citizen still don’t care

There’ll be Flora museums and Fauna zoos

When the natural has gone and nothings renewed

With their GM seeds they’ll try to grow food

But with GM seeds plantings too crude

Those seeds need the chemicals made out of oil

They were never designed to grow just in soil

There’ll soon be no oil for plastic or cars

Unless they discover a supply on Mars

With the air too polluted and food really short

They’ll look to the pasts ignored lessons taught

By then it’s too late and there’s no turning back

Too late to fix it or pick up the slack


There will still be roads from this place to that

But no life in sight not even a cat


Such quibbling over semantics may seem petty stuff

But get over the word enough’s enough

Marijuana is just a word, people think its racist or so I’ve heard

Marijuana’s is called a racist word but if you know the history you’ll know that’s absurd

But people really think it racist and here’s the reason why

It was made a famous word by a very racist guy

Anslinger was his name prohibition was his aim

He fooled the people in the west that marijuana was a pest

Everyone knew what cannabis was for fabulous medicine and so much more

Cannabis they all agreed was a very useful non dangerous weed

He told the world that it was bad made greedy people very glad

But he tricked them all by using a word that most of the people hadn’t heard

If you think that’s crazy it’s gets far worse than that

It turned a guy named Doctor Munch into a fucking bat

They must have paid him a lot of money

To swear it in court cos he’d just look funny

But funny or not people believed

Anslinger was seen to be visibly relieved

There were others too in this plot about marijuana, weed, cannabis, pot

The owners of DuPont and a guy named Hearst

History tells were some of the worst

Cos of course they’re all the same don’t trip on semantics that’s their game

So marijuana and this is my point when you vape or eat or light your joint

When we argue over everything we just can’t win

Don’t trip over words that’s exactly their spin

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