About me

Don't Pass Audit Prg Uber liebe René's Caine Master Master



Rocky van de Benderskum

And I love drawing, painting and stuff,

Oh! and did I forget to mention


I like to think of myself as an Artisan, as I not only do what it says up there but I transform mundane objects into pretty things.

Take Nothing but Pictures

Leave Nothing but Footprints

Kill Nothing but Time

Cannabis Sativa L


Hemp, Ganja, Weed and the list of names is endless

Meds, Paper, Oil, Plastics, Building Materials


Much Much More

If you knew of a plant that grew like a weed

That had the most nutricious seed

It's medicinal properties were second to none

Had 10,000 uses and then still some

You'd ban it wouldn't you


Well They did

It's all better

When we take proper care of our Endocannabinoid system

Since our early days as Homo Sapiens we have had Cannabis available to use. Around a hundred years ago things changed governments around the world were lobbied to make it illegal. Mostly on behalf of greed, many international corporations and prohibitionists made and still today make money because of it.

But how did they achieve making such a terrible bunch of lies become the law.

Propaganda a powerfull tool in the hands of clever people fooling the masses never mentioning Cannabis or Hemp but using the word Marijuana that people hadn't heard of.

We still see this Reefer Madness in our daily papers but trust the days of prohibition are numbered.

Good Riddance to the greedy rascist liars who sustain it.

It's time to End Propaganda and give us



I'm Just a guy, you know?

First I'm not an artist, I'm a scribbler, I just scribble and stuff. I've even been known to sell my stuff but mostly it was given away or burnt to death by my loyal band of haters, can't say I blame them it was probably crap anyways.

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