Don't Pass Audit Prg Uber liebe René's Caine Master Master


I'm Just a guy, you know?


First I'm not an artist, I'm a scribbler, I just scribble and stuff. I've even been known to sell my stuff but mostly it was given away or burnt to death by my loyal band of haters, can't say I blame them it was probably crap anyways.

When asked why I smoke weed, I have to be honest it's the fault of the parents, telling me to do what I'm best at in life.


I'm best at smoking weed

Everything else I'm rubbish at

Been on the planet for decades mainly because my people haven't come back down to take me home.

Total Failure at Taking Life Seriously Award

(Lifetime Achievement Award)

Yeah! What he said

Personal Achievement Award (Weed Category)

Award to myself for Self Gratification. So well done me for smoking an heroic amount of weed throughout my life.

Hip Hip Hooray


The Interplanetary Award for being...

Luckily something I've always been good at...Being that is.

An easy award to achieve so therefore no great accolade


September 2nd 2016

The owner of this website is a Figbox of my Imageration and probably quite mad, but who can tell in such a crazy world.

March 32nd 2017

Things can only get weirder


The Peter Pan Award for Never Growing Up

Awarded for steadfast dedication to the cause of never taking stuff too seriuosly at least for no more than half a minute or 30 seconds whichever comes first.

But on a more serious note;

Don't pass audit prg. Uber Leibe Renayscane, Master, Master



Legend in His Own Lunchtime Award

March 34th 2027

Finally his people came and carted him back off to the Rubber Room he escaped from

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