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Cannabis Sativa L, Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Ruderalis (Hemp),

The Possibilities are endless

" The earliest known woven fabric was apparently of hemp,

which began to be worked in the eigth millenium (8,000 - 7,000BC)"

(The Columbia History of the World, 1981,page 54)

The body of literature (archaeologists, anthropologists, philologists, economists, historians, etc.) is in agreement that, at the very least:

From more than 1,000 years before the birth of Christ until 1883AD., Cannabis hemp - indeed, Marijuana -- was our planets largest agricultural crop and most important industry for thousands of products and enterprises;

producing the overall majority of Earths fibre, fabric, lighting oil, paper, incense and medicines, as well s a primary source of essential food, oil and protein for humans and animals.

From The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer





Hemp fibres are up to 4 times stronger than cotton, more durable, softer,

resistant to mildew.

Furthermore clothes made from hempcan be recycled to make rag paper.

Some fine clothes were traditionally made from hemp fibre,

including some of the finest linens.

The well known fabric Denim was originally made in America from hemp,

shipped from France in bales labelled Chenvre de Nim, chenvre being

French for hemp eventually shortened to Denim.


The 'Father of History' Herodotus mentions the Thracians produced the finest cloth from hemp.



Ropes, Sails, Charts and Maps were all traditionally made from hemp.

Oakum was prepared from cannabis fibres taken from rope steeped in tars and pressed. It was an ideal sealant for the hulls of wooden ships.


Hemp - Jolly Jack Tar

Hemp plants (Cannabis) grow up to 15 feet tall

Rope was traditionally made from fibres from the upright

stems of the plant. It was very strong but it had to be

dipped in tar to make the ropes waterproof and

needed subsequent re-coating.

Hemp plants do not need a hot climate.

Rope makers used hemp from Lincolnshire, Russia and Italy.






Most medieval books and bibles were made from cannabis fibres, of much better quality than wood pulp papers and capable of lasting for thousands of years.

Paper money was usually made from hemp as it was far more durable than wood pulp paper.

Hemp paper can be recycled up to 7 times nearly twice that of other papers.

The earliest piece of paper that exists was made from hemp c.100BC. from China.



For both Tents,

Ideal for Tarpaulin not only because of it's fire retardent , mildew resistance and partial shower proofing properties but also as a woven cloth it's fibres are Thermo-dynamic meaning it retains warmth in cold but is cooling when it's hot


and Artwork. The Dutch word 'canvas' is derived from the Latin word 'cannabis'.



Varnishes, Adhesives and Glues traditionally had cannabis in their composition'


Floor Coverings;

Historically were often made from cannabis fibres.




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