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Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp), The Possibilities are endless


Taken either by eating, drinking an infusion, applying a topical oil or ointment and yes... even smoking pure cannabis alleviates the symptoms of many ailments. The application would depend on the ailment and individuals preferences.

Cannabis was for centuries the 2nd most Folk Medicine in the world against a huge array of ailments, further to this with the attitude towards Medical Cannabis on the change we are likely to see an upsurge of it's use for many more.

Below is a list of ailments that have either traditionally been treated with cannabis and some modern conditions that have shown great promise and often complete from it's use;


AIDS, Alzheimers, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancers including the shrinking of tumours, Cystic Fibrosis, Dementia, Depression, Emphysema, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Herpes, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Migraines and other headaches, Mulyiple Sclerosis, Muscular cramping i.e. Period pains, Nausea, Pain (including severe neuropathic pain and chemotherapy related pains, both of which I can personally vouch for it's efficacy), Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Schizophrenia (despite the Reefer Madness style publicity the plant recieved a while back, in a balanced plant, not as is often grown for High Toxicology under the shadow of prohibition), Tourettes Syndrome and just a little one to add on the end to aid in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction.


There has been recently a huge upsurge in research worldwide and the followings will transport you to some of the research.


Cannabis one of our most versatile and therefore valuable plant resources

A Medicine of the Past or a Cure for the Future

Cannabis Sativa L.

With over 25,000 known uses,

A short list of ailments, and conditions alleviated by the illegal use of an amazing plant.


although the body has no defence sufferers report a feeling of well being and contentment from cannabis use.


whilst the effect on male impotence is not proven Cannabis can greatly assist low libido

Alzheimer’s Disease;

Slows down deterioration and is thought to reduce the risk of developing the disease.


Cannabis can ease the pain and discomfort of swollen, painful and twisted joints.


85% of asthma sufferers can alleviate the symptoms by vaporising cannabis.

Cancerous Tumours;

Cannabis can help control and even reduce benign and cancerous tumours plus alleviate the nausea and pain from chemotherapy.

Cystic Fibrosis;

Exocrine glands that affect the Pancreas and Intestines, Bronchial and Sweat glands become disrupted. Breathing and eating becomes impaired by Mucus. Cannabis can be used as a local analgesic which can go a long way towards relieving symptoms.


Cannabis is believed to delay the onset in elderly sufferers but not recommended for those with cardio-vascular complaints.


Cannabis has been successfully used to aid people with depression and is less harmful and habit forming than anti-depressant drugs.


Vaporising Cannabis causes an expansion of the bronchi and bronchioles leading to increased oxygenation thus making deteriorated lungs more efficient.


In as many as 60% of cases there coud be a positive effect with Cannabis leading to a reduction in seizures.


Eases increased sensitivity to pain, fatigue (extreme tiredness) and muscle stiffness, difficulty sleeping, problems with mental processes (known as "fibro-fog") and headaches, associated with this disorder.


In cases where Cannabis treatment has been tested as many as 90% have been successful. It’s effect on intraocular pressure is three times that of prescription drugs.


Although there is no known cure cannabis tinctures kill the herpes virus on contact, reduce both recurrence and blister healing times.

High Blood Pressure;

Ingesting Cannabis extends the arteries which causes a reduction in pressure.


Cannabis eaten an hour before sleep gives, a better quality sleep than attained with prescription drugs without residual drowsiness or feelings of a hangover.


The consumption of Cannabis reverses the convulsive narrowing of arteries but also takes away the feelings of nausea migraine headaches cause.

Multiple Sclerosis;

Well known to be effective towards reducing the muscular spasms and twitching associated with this disorder, but also aids in attaining feelings of contentment and wellbeing.

Muscular Cramping;

Ingested or used as a topical balm Cannabis is an exceptional non morphine based anti-spasmodic.


Relief can often be found fro nausea especially useful after chemotherapy and as an appetite enhancer for those with eating disorders.


Chronic pain is probably the widest medicinal use of Cannabis.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder;

Cannabis has been effectively used to relieve a wide range of psychological symptoms from Depression right through to Anger and Rage.


Despite reports over the years from ‘experts’ that Cannabis causes schizophrenia, it is now known that the Cannabinoid CBD (Cannabiderol) inhibits this disorder. Hybrid strains produced by criminal gangs to make more money on the black marke containing less and less CBD are widely thought to be the cause, proving once again that PROHIBITION is a harmful entity.

Tourette’s Syndrome;

Cannabis use reduces the compulsion to TICK or to behave/speak in inappropriate ways.


This list was prepared a number of years ago and has of course been added to with research worldwide. Research is continuing and eventually we will have a full understanding of this miracle plant.

Not only could Cannabis be used as a medicine for our species but also as a medicine for our entire planet.

Hemp grows without the need for pesticides and agrochemicals.

Fossil fuels are literally choking us to Death.

Hemp Biomass along with other types of sustainable energy production are imperative.

Textiles that are softer and more durable. Hemp cloth is fire retardant and mildew resistant.

Hemp Building materials don’t leach toxins into the earth either during or after production. Furthermore Hemp Bricks and Hemp concrete act as a carbon sink reducing carbon in the air.

Hemp seeds are more nutritious than Soya and easier to grow. Yet more important Hemp does not impede the bodies calcium intake unlike Soya, essential for growth in children.

Hemp paper can be recycled 7 times unlike most other paper which can only be recycled 3 times.


As a Folk Medicine Cannabis is unpopular mostly from the point of view of Multinational Pharmaceutical Corporations and their lobbeists.

Why is that you might ask;

the answer is simplicity itself, it is so easy to grow and would hit profits hard.





Both for Recreational Use and as a Religious Sacrement it's use has been widespread throughout history.

The fact that it has an intoxicating effect has been a useful tool for Prohibitions and Manufactures of Fossil Fuel products to keep this most renewable of resources from reaching it's full potential.




In conclusion at least for now


Cannabis is a fast growing plant that can easily achieve a height of 4m in a mere 110 days.


It requires no Herbicides or Pesticides, will grow almost anywhere that can sustain plant life.


It is almost unbelievable that this extremely versatile

plant is not even used to a shadow of it's resource potential.


If you made it this far

first well done for dilligence

Second hope you found the information informative, more to come (unlucky).


Almost last

Anything contained or mentioned on this site is merely for information and not intended to encourage others to act illegally





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